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In the past they would have other reasons, too - "it's the party of the NHS, it's the party that stands up for me" - and that เสื้อผ้าวัยกลางคน is now going. Social norms are fraying and there is nothing to keep them there." And he believes that the current leader is unlikely to acquire the ability turn this around: "He lacks the rhetorical skill or the clear, defined positions which would give Labour a sense of identity." Image copyright PA Image caption The party's problems runner deeper than its leadership, pollsters say Indeed in his presentation to Labour MPs, James Morris revealed that more than a quarter of voters who backed Ed Miliband in 2015 think that Theresa May makes a better prime minister than Jeremy Corbyn would. Only about a third prefer the Labour leader while more than a third can't choose between them. But for Gloria de Piero, Labour's difficulties precede - and potentially could post-date - Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. "Labour has lost two elections. We need to wake and smell the coffee. Something has not been right for some time. "Unless we answer the questions people have in post-industrial towns like the one I represent - how are we going to bring better jobs to heartland seats, how are we going to make people better off - unless we have answers people believe on those issues they won't buy in to us." Brexit blues She is interested in some of the underlying problems which her party is experiencing. At the Little Chicks mother and toddler group in Selston, most of the women backed Brexit but they weren't clear where Labour stood - and some felt the party was more divided on the issue than the Conservatives.

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