From The Client To The Women That Decide To Become Stylists, This Is A Movement Annual Sales, The Trendsetter In Wellness Products.

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Mr Garner has previously held senior management positions, has survived self-employment and volunteered for Business Mentors NZ for 11 years himself. He has been the chief executive of not-for-profit organisations inclusive of the Chamber of Commerce and held management and board positions with a diverse range of organisations focused on adult education, technology, communications and business development. Mr Garner says, “I enjoyed being a mentor immensely and want to do more to help support the sustainability and prosperity of small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand. My career spans a wide range of industries, I see this new role as an opportunity to utilise the skills I have built to date to assist those who are making an important contribution to our economy and their communities as mentors and as business owners.”  The two new board members, Deborah Simpson and Leah MacDonell, have been appointed for their collective experience working with a number of high profile businesses and not-for-profits. Geoff Vazey, chairman of Business Mentors NZ says, “The changes to Business Mentors NZ’s board, as well as our senior management team, will help in our mission to ensure the success of SMEs across the country. Small businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy, and the right guidance is critical to helping them achieve their business objectives. “Craig brings a genuine understanding of what it takes to be a mentor to his new role as CEO. Both Deborah and Leah have a diverse range of experience, which will bring a fresh perspective about what the future has in store for our organisation.” Deborah Simpson is a founding partner of The Purpose Business, a brand agency that aims to align the purpose, culture, brand and business strategy of its clients. Over a 25-year career, she has led the strategic development of brands including ASB, 2degrees, New Zealand Lotteries and Genesis.

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Cassidy Muir photos Their goals sit along a wide scale that ranges from ‘not going bankrupt’ to ‘taking over the world.’ Anybody driving through Smithers along the Yellowhead has probably noticed a unique little structure at the corner of Highway 16 and King Street. Dubbed ‘The Blue House,’ this multicoloured wooden building highlights the ingenuity and imagination behind Tiny Life Supply, a growing business dedicated to providing for tiny house builders and ‘do-it-yourselfers.’ Tiny Life Supply is operated by Smithers locals Axel Whalen and Jake Daly, who started the business in 2016. “The whole idea for the business started when [Axel] decided to build a couple of tiny houses, just sort of as a side project,” said Daly. “He’s really into architecture, and also different concepts and ideas surrounding your environmental impact, or reducing your footprint. So he built these tiny houses sort of for fun, to kind of explore these different realms – possibly to sell, possibly to live in.” According to Daly, the idea arose when Whalen had difficulty finding resources. “We always connected to talk about business ideas and just catch up,” Daly explained, “and when he was explaining it to me, this need… I was doing some web design at the time, and I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t we start a store? You’re already doing all the research on the best gears and appliances that need to go into the tiny house, so why don’t we become the resource?’” Tiny houses have risen in popularity over the last couple of years due to a myriad of benefits, which Daly said includes low costs, a smaller environmental impact, and a minimalist lifestyle. “It’s a good solution to three things that our generation is facing,” Daly said, “which is financial restraints around housing, a very real environmental tipping point that we all need to address, and then, just, kind of the almost mental health by reducing stuff.” Tiny Life Supply appeared at the Northern Trade Expo this year, where they won best commercial booth, and recently expanded their team with a few new employees. Soon, they say, they will be starting the second round of their Tiny Life Renegades project, in which they support a group of ambassadors tackling innovative, small-space DIY projects (for more information visit As for the future, their goals sit along a wide scale that ranges from ‘not going bankrupt’ to ‘taking over the world.’ “The future… that could go anywhere, you know? Lots of ideas, and they’re all, I don’t know, really crazy and big,” said Whalen.

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