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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. 15 of the best dressed at Aintree 2017 day one Liverpool Echo 3 days ago Jamie McLoughlin Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc They've been under fashionistas' orders, getting ready in bedrooms and bathrooms across Merseyside this morning and finally, they're off. As ever, the women of Liverpool have looked absolutely stunning at Aintree Racecourse today. Our city has shown what a fashion-conscious, stylish and glamorous place it is - and this is only the first day ! Tomorrow is when the big hats come out for Ladies Day but Merseyside's racegoers didn't hold back on the style today as they headed to the course for the first races of the festival and hopefully having a successful flutter at the same time. You can follow all of the action at Aintree in our live blog . And if you can't make it to the course but still want to be part of the fun, you can download the ECHO's sweepstake kit and make sure the annual ritual keeps going at home or in the office.

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