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That is, until this weekend, when Gary announced on Twitter that it was an "important day" as he had washed his short locks. Image copyright Twitter Cue jokes from people on social media - many of whom were surprised at the revelation from the Let It Shine judge. Image copyright Twitter Image copyright Emma Harrison So are there any advantages to not washing your hair? Patrick Graham, from Stroud, Gloucestershire, ditched the shampoo bottle 25 years ago after he heard that hair may be self-cleaning. "I had problems with dandruff, I couldn't get rid of it," the 60-year-old says. "As soon as I stopped my hair was worse for about two weeks. "Pretty ชุดนอนไม่ได้นอน soon after that I started to feel clean and nice and now I've had no dandruff for 25 years... there is no smell, it is clean." 'More manageable' Kayleigh Thomas, who wrote about her experience of not using shampoo on her blog Blue jeans white tee , says she stopped using shampoo in March 2015 after seeing another woman on Snapchat who had done so for two years. "My hair's more manageable now and I don't feel like I need to tame it using heat tools, so it saves me time in the mornings," the 28-year-old from Milton Keynes says. She also says that a rash she had behind her ears cleared up as a result.

(Photo: ) For the first time ever, fourteen prestigious French brands have come together to present their collections at an exceptional fashion show in tribute to this know-how and creativity. These luxury houses, which share the same values and heritage as renown corsetiers, express themselves with one and the same voice: "Lingerie, Mon Amour"! These brands have always been "in the air du temps", synonymous with elegance "a la Francaise": ANTIGEL, ANTINEA, AUBADE, CHANTELLE, EMPREINTE, EPRISE, EPURE, IMPLICITE, LISE CHARMEL, LOU, LOUISA BRACQ, MAISON LEJABY, PASSIONATA, and SIMONE PERELE. We have also invited five emerging French Lingerie designers to join us in presenting their creations: ELISE ANDEREGG, MADAME AIME, MAUD & MARJORIE, PALOMA CASILE and YSE. Organized by "Promincor - Lingerie Francaise" (the Association for the Promotion of Corsetry Industries) and supported by the "DEFI - La Mode de France" (the Committee for the Development and Promotion of Clothing), this poetic and captivating show highlighted the savoir-faire of french corsetiers. In the magnificent Pavillon Cambon, the show presented the iconic Parisian Woman : Marie-Antoinette version 2017, a mysterious ballerina, a Lady New Look and Dandy Girl in smoking jacket. The orchestra was conducted by the talented founder of the group Prequell, Thomas Roussel, and comprised of fourteen musicians. Together, they will play unique and unusual live music : electro symphonia. It was an amazing show appreciated by more 500 guests : international buyers, influencers, VIP, French actress (Emilie Duquenne, Deborah Francois, Marilou Berry), Olympic Champions (Camille Lacourt, Elodie Clouvel) Key figures 2016 Key French export markets for lingerie and nightwear Period: January - October 2016, in euros. Source: Eurostat. The French exports of lingerie and nightwear for women represent 514 million euros for the first 10 ชุดนอนเซ็กซี่ ขายส่ง months of 2016, an increase of +3.5% compared to the same period in 2015.

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