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Other women want to touch and feel the product, see swatches, said Stephanie Sarka , CEO of 1 Atelier. This turns out to be a perfect fit for us, because the order will still normally come through the website and well ship it, but the customer has the benefit of this entire experience here. The idea for the customized bags originally came to Sarka as a result of her own tastes, and her inability to find a luxury bag that was logoless, unique and practical. In talking to other women she found that her experience was not unique. As much as women were paying a lot for a beautiful product, they never ended up with a perfect bag that became their everyday bag. The goal is to have a beautiful bag that you also wear, Sarka said. Shoppers can choose from multiple colors and materials, including lambskin, python and even crocodile, to customize every part of a bag. Once designed, the order is received at 1 Ateliers Garment District factory, built and delivered within 21 days.. Its a process that Walin feels is very much in keeping with New Canaans design history. Part of the history of New Canaan is a design history. Philip Johnson s Glass House is here and there are so many mid-century modern homes throughout. So theres a huge design background architecturally here in New Canaan.

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10 and air in eight parts, capped by a town hall-style special broadcast on ending hate in America. The decision to scrub the project came shortly after A&E said it had changed the series title to "Escaping the KKK," from "Generation KKK," in order to better reflect that the film was a work of documentary journalism rather than realty-TV entertainment. The network also had announced a partnership with a civil rights group, Color of Change, which was to produce accompanying segments featuring civil rights leaders to furnish context for the documentary series. As described by A&E, the series was intended to examine "anti-hate extractors," who work to help individuals extricate themselves from the Klan, a white-supremacist group with a long history of violence, primarily against blacks, but also Jews, immigrants and other groups. The film drew controversy soon after plans for the series were unveiled earlier this week, with actors Wendell Pierce and Ellen Pompeo among those criticizing the project on social media and Pierce calling for a network boycott, Variety reported. Pierce demanded A&E provide evidence that the documentary subjects were not paid for their participation, as subjects of reality TV programs typically would be, and the network insisted that no such payments were made, according to Variety. On Saturday, however, the network acknowledged learning from its third-party producers that some cash payments were made to Klan members who participated in the documentary "in order to facilitate access" to them. The network statement said the payments, though "understood to be nominal," were nevertheless "a direct violation of A&E's policies and practices for a documentary." The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups, long relegated to the fringe of American discourse, have gained growing attention during the past year as their leaders vocally embraced the presidential candidacy of Republican Donald Trump and exulted in his Nov. 8 victory.