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REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins 4/4 By Andrew Cawthorne | CARACAS CARACAS Political conflict between Venezuela's opposition-run legislature and socialist government flared again on Wednesday after the breakdown of Vatican-led talks, as each side moved to appoint its own members to the national election board. The opposition Democratic Unity coalition blames President Nicolas Maduro for the OPEC nation's shrinking and dysfunctional economy, and wants to remove him through a referendum or by bringing forward the presidential vote due for late 2018. Maduro, 54, says he will stay the course, and accuses opponents affordable flights to San Francisco from auckland of sabotaging the economy to undermine him while also seeking a coup with U.S. connivance. The feuding sides came together at the end of October in a dialogue convened by the Vatican and three former flights to paris from nyc heads of government. But the opposition walked out last week saying officials were reneging on accords including an agreement to negotiate new members of the five-person election board. That issue is central to Venezuela's long-running political conflict because the election board has quashed the opposition's request this year for a recall referendum and is viewed by many in Venezuela as being compliant toward the government. On Tuesday, the National Assembly pressed ahead with a symbolic political trial of Maduro, declaring him responsible for economic hardship and rights abuses in the nation of 30 million people. Later, the Supreme Court, which normally backs Maduro, renewed the terms of two outgoing election board members, saying the Assembly was in "contempt" of the law.

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