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The first key differentiator was Centrics reputation. The second asset was that they are totally focused on PLM. They do it very well and they dont have any internally competing projects. The last thing we liked was their approach to product; they keep making their solutions better and better with a regular flow of new innovations, continues Stevenson. MGT Industries will use Centrics full PLM suite including mobile apps and Adobe Illustrator integration. Centric will help us streamline our business processes and free up our designers and technical teams so they have more time for creativity and innovation. We are all looking forward to minimizing administrative tasks, explains Jill Mazur, Project Manager. The ability to work directly in Adobe and to mark changes up without having to leave the program and go and update them in another application is also something that we found very exciting. Well be rolling out Centric to merchandisers and designers first. These mentors will then be able to support their fellow users to get up and running, continues Stevenson, We intend to make the most of Centric. We are not only looking forward to our implementation but we are also very excited about the fact that Centric continues to grow and develop their solutions.

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